Children and Family Foundation


“It’s very important to me to be able to use my experiences to raise public awareness through charity, in addition to completing personal challenges and goals.

The charity fund JJ-Street Child and Family Fund was created in 2013 specifically to change the lives of youths and aid them in better achieving their goals through new challenges and better educational opportunities. Offering youths the opportunity to aid others allows them to effect positive influence in their communities.

Since as a young boy I didn’t get enough attention from my parents, I know how important it is for youths to be noticed. I believe that positivity creates more good than bad.

This is also largely why I wanted to start charity projects that are both topical and necessary!” – Joel Juht


JJ-Street Child and Family Fund changes the lives of youths, helping them realize their full potential. Offering challenges, unique experiences, daily adventures and opportunities to aid others, youths learn to effect a positive influence on their communities.

JJ-Street coaches support youths in developing skills, focusing on the importance of teamwork, time management, initiative, planning, communication, self-understanding, cultural awareness and dedication. The JJ-Street Child and Family Fund helps youths gain work experience, save lives, and in the grand scheme – change the world.

100% of donated sums will be sent to charity organizations and the money will not be used to cover costs incurred through challenges.


The SA JJ-Street Child and Family Fund accepts donations from all corporations as well as private persons both from Estonia as well as abroad.

Donations can be made to the SA JJ-Street Child and Family Fund Swedbank account


When donating to the JJ-Street Child and Family Fund we ask private persons to note down their personal identification code. This ensures the donation will be reflected in the donor’s income tax returns.

From the 1st of January, the SA JJ-Street Child and Family Fund has been added to the list of nonprofit organizations and foundations with tax deductions (TmS § 11 pg 1). Thus, donations to the fund from 2014 onwards will be subject to tax exemption for resident private persons within 3% of social security tax payment sums within the same year, or within 10% of income from the previous calendar year up to the 1st of January (TmS § 49 pg 2 p 1−2). Resident physical persons’ donations to the foundation are subject to tax exemption within 5% of the person’s yearly income (TmS § 27 pg 1).