Joel Juht is mainly known as a dancer, a choreographer and the creator of Estonia’s first street dance school JJ-Street Dance Company. He now tells his story about how sports in general have taught him the discipline of overcoming difficulties and how new goals have provided the strength and motivation to contribute time into leadership and youth development. It’s a book about believing in oneself and fighting the struggles that come along when you’re always being told ”No”.

“Joel on the one hand is childlike, but, on the other hand, a big-hearted boy who cares about both young and old people alike,” says Reet Linna who first met Joel on the TV show “The Famous and the Strange”. Reet acquainted the street dancer with old ladies (now known as the Hip-Hop Grannies) who had an interest in learning hip-hop and also asked Joel to come on her TV show “Prillitoos” to share his thoughts on the Yukon Arctic extreme ultra-marathon in Northern Canada. “Because of the very complex childhood that Joel has had, he is able to see the concerns and pain points of other people well, and that is crucial.”

“Joel is insane, but in a good way! He works hard to accomplish anything he puts his mind to and I absolutely have reason to be pleased with Joel.”
– Tiit Uspenski, Joel’s wrestling trainer from teenage years

“If they tell me ”No”, l take it as an ”No”, If Joel is told ”No”, the bastard won’t climb off before it becomes a ”Yes”. ”
– Peeter Taim, manager at JJ-Street Dance Company

This versatile young man has a magnificent story and this story needs to be heard.