Võitlus ei-vastustega


160-page book in standard format and soft cover

Helios 2019




Joel Juht is known mainly as a dancer and choreographer and the creator of the first street dance school in Estonia, JJ-Street Dance Company. Now he tells his story, how sport has taught him discipline, how overcoming new goals and difficulties has given him the strength and motivation to invest his time in leadership and youth development. This is a book about self-belief and struggles with no-answers.

“Joel is, on the one hand, childlike, but on the other, a boy with a big heart, who cares for both young and old people alike,” says Reet Linna, who met Joel on the “Famous and Strange” show. Reet brought the street dancer together with old ladies interested in hip-hop and invited the man “Prillitoos” to talk about the polar marathon in Canada. “Due to Joel’s very difficult childhood, he knows how to see other people’s concerns and pain points well, and this is crucial.”

Joel is crazy in a good way! He works hard to achieve something. I have reason to be absolutely satisfied with Joel.

Tiit Uspenski, wrestling coach

If they say no to me, I take it as a no. If Joel is told no, he, a corpse, will not get off his back until he is answered yes.»

Peeter Taim, manager of JJ-Street dance school

This versatile young man has his own story. This story begs to be read.