Recently Joel Juht released a new music video for his new rap song “Eepos”. The lyrics and the video have a bold message, talking about that people are living too much over-the-top and faking the results, however actually  everything comes with really hard work and effort. Joel also brought the culture of Native Americans into the video.

Joel Juht has enriched the Estonian hip-hop scene with several other hits in the past, but he considers “Eepos” to be his best music video so far. The song is produced by MC Culpas and DJ Critikal, lyrics are created by Joel Juht and the video is produced by Free Design Production.

While creating this song and video Joel Juht was originally inspired by the artist Supaman, who represents Native Americans and has introduced this culture through his music to a wider audience in the world. Because of specific elements weren’t allowed to use, therefore some modern elements were brought to video as visuals. “Currently, it is quite common to fake a lot, adjust pictures and show that you are better than you actually are. People take a position based on what looks good, but in reality, nothing in life comes easily, you have to work hard to achieve your goals,” Joel Juht explained the message.

The song was ready a year ago

According to him, the core of the song was already ready a year ago, but at one point the message did not match the original idea and the story was put on hold for a while, waiting for the right moment.

“Considering that I’m not a rapper, I always need some kind of push to get things done without some kind of magic words. I use a few foreign words and try to keep everything in pure Estonian. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, definitely there is a lot to learn,” said Joel Juht.

A sleepless night to film the video

“The most important thing is that I’ve been able to give a small contribution back to hip-hop culture, where I’ve been around for over 20 years. I definitely don’t make these songs to go to shows or make money. It’s more of a new hobby that I can use to express myself openly and that’s cool,” he added.

To film this video it took one sleepless night and several hours. “We went to Preeriakoda at three a.m in the morning and finished filming at ten in the evening, using different locations during the day. The whole process went well thanks to Free Design Production and a good team. Sometimes just good ideas and right people are enough, with whom it is possible to do more than with a huge production company.”

You can watch the new video “Eepos” HERE.