Joel Juht runs from Tallinn to Võru for charity

The charity run Wings For Life World Run will take place already on May 5, the aim of which is to support universities and research groups to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Among others, entrepreneur, recreational athlete and adventurer Joel Juht will join the run. However, he undertakes the run in his own way – crazy and far from the comfort zone.

While the majority of running enthusiasts meet on May 5 at the Pirita Sports Center to start together at 2:00 p.m., Juht sets off from Tallinn at Peetri Selver’s place at 9 a.m. His goal is to reach Võrru by Monday afternoon – covering at least 252 km in total.

“Human physical abilities are much greater than we are used to thinking. The biggest challenge of this run will be overcoming the sleep phase, overcoming fatigue and staying motivated. I combine my run with the Wings For Life charity foundation, which supports various research groups to help people out of wheelchairs. I think it carries the same idea that I believe in myself – people are capable of more than they initially think and together we can be even greener,” Joel Juht explained his decision to accept the challenge.

He added that he is very much looking forward to people joining him. “The support of others gives a lot of strength!” You can follow Joel’s journey here on the website, where you can also make donations to the Wings For Life fund.