First EGCC Club Championship

This month I played in the EGCC Club Championship for the first time. On the first day I played 89 shots on the Sea course, I made several mistakes in the beginning, but in the second half I improved my game!

The first half went badly, probably because I didn’t have time to warm up properly and I felt a little unsure.

First half:

Second half:

On the second day, I came to the practice field 2 hours earlier. Already in the morning, I woke up earlier than promised and decided to go to practice to reduce my anxiety at the start. On the second day, unlike the first, I played two more shots, or 91, and I felt better. All in all, I dropped the HCP from 16 to 14.7.

Incidents also occurred during the game, for example, for the first time I was able to perform an extreme shot from a muddy ditch on the 3rd lane of EGCC, which still succeeded. On the other hand, on the 16th hole, I brought the summer back, i.e. hit the universe with the opening shot, but the ball landed 10 meters away from me in the water, where I had to take off my shoes and hit the shot from the water. Once again, even this shot was successful.

I’ve seen videos where people hit from the water, but being in that situation by myself is something else 😀

2. day first half of the day:

2. day Second half of the day:

All in all, I finished 10th in the EGCC Club Championship and I am satisfied with my performance. I am already looking forward to the Estonian championships, which will take place at the end of August in Valgeranna, Pärnu.